Welcome to my Obsession!! Saying "I LOVE nail polish" is an understatement! Here you will find nail polish swatches along with my "two cents worth"! I will also show pictures of my "hauls" or online purchases, and what I thought of the suppliers I used.

**Please note this is still, very much, a work in progress and I am new at this blogging thing.**

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!! And A Present For You!!

Hello Ladies!! I know I haven't posted in a while but I will be starting again once I get home from our lovely family vacation in Fredericton!  It was so fun and Relaxing!!  As you may suspect, I did purchase some new nail polishes!! I purchased the entire 14 bottle Justin Beiber Collection (not because I`m a fan, but because the colors are awesome and I have to have entire collections. Anything less and I would rather not have it at all!). I also bought a few colors that I wanted to add to my collection.  I`ll list them eventually, but not tonight!  I am sitting in a hotel room and I really need to get some sleep because we have to get up early in the morning to catch the Matane-Godbout (Quebec) Ferry! 

I said I would have two draws for 1 bottle of polish per draw! Drum roll please....... The winners are:

Sarah, who has won OPI Call me on my Cell from the OPI Swiss Collection!

Tamar512 who has won OPI Ink!

I will be contacting the winners via e-mail to get mailing addresses!  Congratulations! And thank you all for becoming followers!!  Swatches coming soon!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Bossy Pants - Sephora by OPI Glee Collection

Good Morning Ladies!  OMG!  I now have 19 followers and most of you are people I have never met! Thank you so much for joining!  I expected close friends and family, but this is awesome!  As you may already know, I will be having  two draws for a bottle of OPI Nail Polish on March 17th. Why the 17th?   It's my birthday and I can do what I want to!! LOL! I'm not sure of the colors yet, but I promise they will be from either the Katy Perry or Texas Collections.  Maybe even a Black Shatter!

Last night I swatched "Miss Bossy Pants" from the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection.  "Miss Bossy Pants" is a Purple-Pink Duo-Chrome polish that was opaque in two coats.  As with the other colors from the Glee Collection, the dry time was a little longer than usual.  I also decided to add a little texture with the Black Shatter.  To get this look, I waited for the polish to dry for over an hour and placed Scotch tape on a diagonal. I then applied the Black Shatter and peeled off the tape.  I used tape rather than french tip guides because the guides tend to leave a sticky residue on the nail or peel the polish right off.  Not Cool!! 

On Tuesday, I received one of my orders from Spa Boutique! I wanted to try the other well-known polish brands out there, as well as the highly recommended "Seche Vite" top coat.  The Two bottles of Zoya are Sarah and Valerie.  The SpaRitual polishes, which are vegan, are Twinkle, Reveal Yourself and Optical Illusion. As always with Spa Boutique, my order included some samples.  I also heard from them regarding the Black Shatter and they were mailed Friday! FINALLY!  Well, that's all for now dear readers and may the polish be with you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slushied & Shattered - Sephora by OPI Glee Collection

What an exceptional day!!!  Not only did I receive two of my online orders today, but I was also able to finally get my hands on the elusive BLACK SHATTER here in town at "La Bella Vita Spa"!  Woo Hoo!! Yay!!  I should be getting the ones from Spa Boutique next week! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the BLACK SHATTER!!

I know I said I'd swatch a new color tomorrow but I couldn't resist!  I decided to go with "Slushied" from the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection, because its a cream and I figured it would look great with a coat of OPI Black Shatter!  "Slushied" is a light-medium aquamarine cream that was opaque after two coats.  It does remind me of a blue raspberry Slush Puppy!  The color is great and the drying time was very reasonable! I left about 20 minutes between coats to be safe! Here it is pictured below!

Once "Slushied" was dry, I added a coat of OPI Black Shatter! Black Shatter must be applied to completely dry nails, in a thin, quick coat as it dries and starts shattering right away!  What an exciting thing to see, even my husband and kids were amazed as the polish dried and shattered! The picture below is what it looked like before the top coat.  It is more of a matte polish, which I also like!

I decided to add the top coat because I wanted to show this manicure off for a few days and I like the shine! Well, now that I've written extensively about that, on to another MEGA Haul!! As I said in the beginning, I received two online orders today! One was from Spa Boutique and the other from WowShop NY! The order from Spa Boutique consisted of nine OPI polishes I was dying to own, and as per usual the three free samples.  Here is the picture of that order!!

Top row from left tom right: Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Diva of Geneva, Cuckoo For This Color and Yodel Me On My Cell.  Bottom row from left to right: Simmer & Shimmer, Show It & Glow It, Bring On the Bling, and Sparkle-icious.  For some reason I forgot to include "Meet Me On The Star Ferry", which is a beautiful color. I will make sure to add a picture on my next post!  Spa Boutique has always provided me with great service, and although the problem with the Black Shatter has soured me slightly, I would order from them again!   They sell OPI for $12/bottle and that is the average online price here in Canada. They offer free shipping for orders over $75, but to ship Express the cost is $17.50. My total wait time for this order was 19 days.

My second order came from a USA company called Wowshop NY!  Let me tell you how impressed I am with them!  My order was shipped next day, via DHL flat rate shipping ($20)!! My wait time for this order...10 days!  WOW! I am also impressed by the fact that the cost of OPI is $6.40/bottle! The Canadian dollar is almost equal to that of the US dollar, so it was totally worth it for me! I ordered six polishes from the OPI Texas Collection and some orangewood sticks.  I also added a seventh bottle to the picture that I bought from my local nail salon "La Bella Vita Spa".  Here is a picture of that:

From left to right: I Vant To Be A-lone Star, Guy meets Gal-veston, Austin-tatious Turquoise, To Hot Pink To Hold 'Em, Don't mess with OPI, Houston We Have A Purple and Suzi Loves Cowboys.  

After receiving my orders, I decided to call Kerri at "La Bella Vita Spa" to see if she might have had the colors I needed to complete the OPI Swiss Collection.  I was able to get two colors that I didn't have: "Color So Hot It Berns" and "Just a Little Rosti At This"! She also told me she had received the Katy Perry Collection and that she was holding a Black Shatter for me!  I got there in record time and when I arrived she asked if I wanted to buy the display...OMG!! OF COURSE!! I also bought a second bottle of  "Teenage Dream"! So all together that is 20 BOTTLES OF PURE COLORFUL BLISS in one day! I am such a greatful and spoiled wife!!  Anyways, I think that I've said enough, perhaps too much, for tonight! It is 3:00am and I'm tired!  Thanks again for visiting and may the OPI polish be with you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gleek Out -Sephora by OPI Glee Collection

Isn't it absolutely fabulous? Wow!! I love this color! For some reason or another, it reminds me of a can of 7up.  Not today's can, but when I was a teenager!"Gleek Out" from the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection is a lime green sheer polish with lime green micro-glitter.  I applied three coats of "Gleek Out" so that it would be opaque and allowed regular drying time.  I found the drying time a little longer than the regular OPI polishes, and as I was putting the dishes away I nicked the polish twice! :(  So next time, I'll remember to let it dry a few minutes longer in between coats. Again. I  <3 this color!! Want some more?

Here is the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection up close! They are absolutely beautiful, and even more so in person,  From left to right they are: Slushied, Mash Up, Gleek Out, Miss Bossy Pants, Hell To The NO, Diva-in-training and Who Let The Dorks Out?  I would recommend that all you OPI nail polish lovers go to the Sephora website right now and ORDER IT!! You will not regret it!  I hope you all have a great week and please come back on Wednesday for a new swatch!  That's all for today dear readers and may the polish be with you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Like the Movies - OPI Katy Perry Collection

Happy Friday everyone!! Today I decided to get the Katy Perry Collection swatches finished.  The final color I swatched is "Not Like the Movies", and like "Last Friday Night", I'm not a big fan of this one either.  "Not Like the Movies" is a metallic medium pewter polish with silver micro-glitter and a hint of green.  It is a very sheer color and needed three coats to be opaque.  Because it is a metallic polish, it streaked very easily and was somewhat difficult to get right.  "Last Friday Night" and "Not Like the Movies" are colors that I would use under the Black Shatter (which I'm still waiting for) only!  They would both really stand out with the black crackle effect that the Black Shatter provides.  I really like the Katy Perry Collection and I'm sure I'll love it once I get the Black Shatter!!

Next week, I will start swatching the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection! I really love the colors and I'm a SUPER GLEEK!! I can't get enough of the show and have all the songs on my Iphone! I know, I know but what can I say?? I LOVE GLEE!! Once again, thanks for visiting dear readers and may the polish be with you!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MEGA HAUL from Sephora!! YAY!!

It's finally here!! My order from Sephora!! I bought 15 bottles of nail polish in total.  I bought the seven full size bottles from the Glee Collection (Sephora by OPI), two from the Urban Ballerina and 6 that were on sale for $5 USD.  I also received the Hello Kitty Perfume, Iphone case and samples for FREE! Sephora is AWESOME! They offer the option to have your items gift bagged for free (pictured below), so needless to say I always get the bag!  I could have ordered the Glee minis and would have had two more colors that are exclusive to the mini set but a mini is torture for me!  I would have fallen in love with the two colors and not have been able to get full size bottles! It would have been tragic!  I also had the other colors and it was kind of a waste of money!  The Urban Ballerina Collection is really pretty and I may order the other colors.  The two I have are "Shiny Dancer" and "Who's Spinning Tonight". This collection reminds my of the movie "Black Swan", which I loved!  The $5 polishes are "Shopping Frenzy", "Club Scene Queen", "Run With It", "Caribbean Cocktail", "IM Beauty" and "Cab Fare".  I am so happy with all of them!  Thanks for visiting and may the polish be with you!!

Post 2 of 2 - Please have a look at The One That Got Away - OPI Katy Perry Collection that I also posted today!

The One That Got Away - OPI Katy Perry Collection

Happy Wednesday ladies!! Last night I decided it was time for a change, so I decided to swatch "The One That Got Away" from the Katy Perry Collection.  I have to say, I LOVE this color! "The One That Got Away" is a dark purple burgundy shimmer that was opaque after two coats.  I didn't apply a top coat because I had to pick my husband up from work, and just didn't get the time.  As you can see, there are a few nicks.  This is a color that I will be buying a second bottle of.  I'll also be buying another bottle of Teenage Dream, if not two! I learned my lesson with Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter!

I stated in my previous post that I did not think that "Last Friday Night" would last long. I was wrong, it didn't chip, even with 4 coats.  The color also grew on me a little and I saw a picture of it over black polish and it was spectacular!  I will be swatching "Not Like the Movies" tomorrow so that I can start swatching the GLEE Collection from Sephora by OPI.  Thank you for visiting dear readers and may the polish be with you!

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